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小学英语作文:校规(School Rule)

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  1、 We don't walk on the grass.

  2、 We don't pick flowers.

  3、We don't destroy our tables and chairs.

  4、We can't fight in the school.

  5、We can't throw things in the school.

  6、We can't speak other people swearword.

  7、We should comity in the class.

  8、We should keep the classrooms clean and tidy every day.

  9、We should respect each other.

  10、We shouldn't take any toys in the school.

  11、We shouldn't take any foods in the school.

  12、We shouldn't play dangerous games.

  13、We can't run in the school aisles.

  14、We can't spit saliva in the school.

  15、We should observe school discipline.

  16、We shouldn't pilfer things in the school. 

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